Athletes We work with


We work with some very talented athletes from a mixture of sports ranging from cycling, tennis and football. As well as many other top ten national level athletes. Below are a few of our current clients. Give them a follow on their social media to see what they are up to.

Alex Storr Enduro MTB

Alex is currently ranked 4th in the world in the under 21’s mountain bike World Enduro Series. As well as the 2021 National Champion in the UK. He has numerous race wins under his belt and is an incredibly talented racer. He caught the eye of many people in 2021 with not only his very stylish riding style, but as a privateer making several visits to the podium at the mountain bike World Enduro Series. Taking a very impressive stage win at round 6, and being the third person in the history of the series ever to do this on flat pedals.

Alex has trained with us since July 2021 and is getting ready for his next step as a Factory Rider for Forbidden Bikes in the elite field for the 2022 mountain bike Enduro World Series. His commitment to his training and riding is unparalleled and we can’t wait to see what he can do this year and wish him all the best.

Kane Lewis Football

Kane is a huge talent on the field and has progressed to the highest levels in his sport. After standing out at every club he has played for, he then got picked and went ahead to sign with Liverpool FC. Unfortunatley for Kane he went on to have several very serious injuries in a relatively short time. This meant he has had to make some very difficult decisions and take a step back to concentrate on recovery and rehabilitation, ready to make his return to top level football. He started with the team at Komplete Performance in 2021 where he would have his physio sessions with Michelle Bowen. From here he went on to begin his corrective exercise and strength and conditioning sessions with Neal. Kane has made some amazing progress coming back from two torn hamstrings and an achillies rupture, and is now back on the field playing the sport he loves. Watch out later this year where we all hope Kane is back on a full time contract making his way back to the top. Which is exactly where this young talent belongs. Good luck Kane we are all excited to see you making the most of your talent.

Jemimah Choi tennis

Jemimah Choi is a rising star in ladies tennis and at the young age of 16 she has already taken the titles as the Welsh Womens Singles Champion, Welsh Womens Doubles Champion, Welsh U-18’s Mixed Doubles Champion, U-18’s Girls Doubles Champion and the U-16’s Girls Singles Champion. Her busy tournament schedule means that she has weekly therapy sessions with Michelle Bowen at Komplete Performance and weekly strength and conditioning sessions with Neal Waterman. Keeping Jemimah injury free and match ready is key as she has very little rest between training, tournaments and school. Keep a keen eye out on this amazingly talented individual. 

carmen reyes football

Carmen Reyes originally from Mexico, moved to North Wales and was quickly signed up on a full time profesional contract with Wrexham FC. On her very first outing with the club she contributed with a goal and was looking at making a huge impact within the team. Unfortunateky she picked up a serius knee injury very early on which meant she was unable to put on her red shirt again. She went away to have surgery and has since returned to Wrexham and is now working at making her return to Wrexham FC. She has made phenomenal progress with her recovery, taking regular therapy sessions at Komplete Peformance as well as her strength and conditioning sessions on a weekly basis. We expect to see her back playing soon and wish her all the best.

james anderson downhill MTB

James Anderson is now into his third year as a Factory Rider for Orange Bikes. He currently races in the top tier elite category, racing in the very competitive UK National Downhill Series. James is also planning on making a few guest appearences at some Enduro races.

James has been training with us at Komplete Performasnce now for 3 months, and is seeing huge benefits from his strength and conditioning sessions with Neal Wateraman and physio sessions with Michelle Bowen. James visits us on a weekly basis where we work together to help improve his overall fitness, endurance, strength and power to help keep this very fast athlete at the top of his game. We are stoked to be working with James andcant wait to see him between the tapes this season. Good luck James.