Private Coaching

It does not get more personal than having exclusive use of the gym with the support and direction from our level 4 coaches. Whatever your goals, we have the expertise and knowledge to accelerate you towards them.


Whether its athlete development, sports specific, weight management or improving overall health we take pride in our work and look forward to being part of your journey.

Weight Loss

Managing your weight correctly brings many benefits to your health and wellbeing. From the many weight related medical conditions to the very recent Covid-19 health scares. With the right level of support and coaching in all aspects of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle we can help you achieve your weight management goals. In return this will make you physically more resilient to these conditions as well as improving mobility and increasing energy levels.

Injury Rehabilitation

Coming back from an injury or surgery can be a daunting a process. During these times it is important to remember to take things steady and slowly build back up to full fitness. Having a skilled professional to guide you through this stage can make a huge difference to your recovery rate and help prevent future re-occuring injury risks. At Komplete Performance we have the qualifications to help you safely return to normal daily functionality, increase activity levels and get back to performing at your best . To discover how we can help please get in touch.



Sports Performance

All athletes benefit from following a structured strength and conditioning program. Not only will it improve your bodies functionality, mobility, strength, endurance and power. It will also set a solid foundation to help reduce the risk of injury associated with most sports and activities. All of our coaches hold a level 4 Strength and Conditioning qualification. During your sessions you will be expertly coached and they will happily pass on their training knowledge to get the best out of you.